Ceremonies & Rituals


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Ceremonies and rituals are very real components of our lives, and give us an opportunity to channel our focus onto something that we consider to be important in the moment of time or space. Many of us will have a specific process of steps in the morning which we complete in much the same way, day after day. This becomes to us a ritual and starts our day. We also have specific ceremonies as we celebrate important events in our lives and that of our loved ones and friends.

Ceremony is generally considered an occasion or opportunity of celebration. Ritual is more centered around directing our intention within structure or parameters for a specific purpose. Both offer us a way to relate intimately with the Divine universal force and allows us to embrace that Sacred Spirit that informs and fuels all existence.

Today there are many people from all backgrounds who may feel a bit uncomfortable within the religious structures in which we were raised, as they  no longer serve our need for individual spirituality. They do not always satisfy our longing for meaning, for spiritual communion, nor for Truth.  Yet, some assume that the secrets of a Sacred existence are the possessions of ancient lost civilizations, whilst others believe that in order to be present in ceremonial participation, it is essential to join an established religious organization — a church, synagogue, mosque, temple, tribe, coven, circle, sect, etc.

However, we do not need to follow others in order to develop and express a ceremony or ritual manifestation of our own true best selves. We each have within us the resources based on our own unique life experiences to create an eloquent order to our own existence.

Ceremonial and ritual observance adds powerful layers to our lives, making the ordinary seem special or majickal, and the special or majickal, extraordinary or miraculous. Through these practices we are privileged to experience ourselves as our Divine souls bringing our best to that which we honour.  When we set aside the quality time and claim this space, when we assume the authority to do so, we are able to transform our perceptions and our experiences, and in the process, our reality.


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