Key Topics – Focus Points

Spirit Self Discovery: Looking for a more authentic relationship with yourself and others, this is achieved by diving deep into your inner landscape as you identify and begin shifting negative self-talk and other behaviors that cripple your sense of confidence and self-beauty, and deepen your understanding of yourself and your loved ones so you can cultivate compassion and understanding for all.

Releasing Issues in Your Tissues: bypass your mind’s resistance, and be enabled to go into the calm eye of your emotional hurricane – where healing happens.  Through deep, direct access to your specific physical, mental and emotional challenges, you are provided the opportunity to release long-held traumas and blockages. This work is a sophisticated blend of many different bodywork and healing modalities, intuitively orchestrated.

Energy Balancing Bodywork: The long and winding path of personal healing, practice and inquiry provides a deep trust and reverence for our amazing human potential. The messages of body and soul empower and encourage you on your unique path of wisdom and healing, addressing the challenges of common experience with uncommon compassion, intuitive insight and skill, weaving a personalized healing and transformational experience of profound relaxation, healing, and harmony.

Re-Connective Healing and Soul Healing – Power & Change: Through Psychic/Mediumship and a variety of spiritual disciplines, including Re-Connective Healing, Soul Healing, and many others, messages are given that may influence your life and decisions as you move into the environment of the re-NEW-ed you. By removing the veils between you and your guardians and divine team!  Through an intuitive reading/channelling, you will receive direct guidance from your own guides and get answers to specific questions that you have about your life. This can help you make sense of your current reality and enable you to confidently make new choices, if needed. The reading can be followed with energy work to clear any obstacles you may have, enabling you to fully step forward on your path with greater clarity and insight.
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