Program Schedule

More detailed schedule will be made available to participants.

Program will begin after arrival and dinner, with Opening Introductions and a Sacred Fire Beach Ceremony 8:30pm.

Each day will include an opportunity to do early morning Yoga on the beach, or meditations, or free time.

Speaker presentations will begin daily at 8:00am (with breaks) and will conclude at 12:30pm.

Afternoons will be free for individual private sessions with practitioners, or for personal activities. Program will re-convene at 5:00pm and will continue until 6:00pm.

Private sessions and/or free time will be available after dinner from 7:30pm to 9:00pm daily.

A ceremony of gratitude and global healing will be held at 9:00pm daily.

There will be a closing beach ceremony of gratitude and empowerment on the last night.





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