aleppo-3aleppo-1A Specific CALL TO ACTION for us all NOW to Step up and Step out for Aleppo and all of Syria, that all affected (on all sides) may receive our special prayers and heart centered energy healing right now, that the power of God meet them at their point of need!

We are each called, in whatever way this means to you. Do not be fearful of the images of what our brothers and sisters endure…be an observer. Yet also, do not deny them their existence, by turning away. Look on the suffering, but do not dwell there. Dwell on their beauty and perfect life. Hate must stop! Bring to them your healing intention through your love. This is all.

We are ONE and, in that, we are presented with a Divine opportunity to unite and bring forth a powerful Divine Miracle which is so urgently needed, by seeing them in the alternative and be ‘present’ for them, on their behalf.  With deep gratitude!


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