The Essence of Who I AM – Course

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This is a life-changing transformative course which looks at the application of who you are and how and why you were created aeons ago.  It opens the mind and soul to connect thinking, seeing, knowing and being, both physically and psychically/spiritually…to be more than you think you are!

It covers perceived conflicts of spirit, body and mind; shifting between dimensions; experiencing tangible shifts; embracing the wholeness of you; emanating expanded light to the universe and working within expanded consciousness; touching on the principles of Hermetic Philosophy, the Tree of Life, the Cosmic Clock…and how these bring both challenges and opportunities to become more than you think you are; the understanding of being and knowing; thoughts in the physical mind and the spiritual; sacred knowledge; levels of vibrational frequency in alchemy; and so much more.

This course will change your life and way of thinking, opening possibilities of living an abundant powerful life, beyond the veil.

This is a 6 week course (2 hours a week), with light homework as applications and tools are incorporated into everyday life situations and issues. If you are prompted, or feel led to find out more about this subject, please contact us.

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