Gillian Cardillo worked for over 20 years in Africa sharing Divine Love which encompasses all of humanity through projects which included medical relief, sustainable assistance, community development, street children’s projects, and others.

She is a master-teacher, mentor and coach of the sacred knowledge which is Divinely embued within each one in consciousness that connects spirit and soul to empower living a life of abundance, as was intended for each of us, and already exists within us, waiting for us to remember.

She is a powerful healer and miracle worker and brings forward the shift necessary to help you remember, to achieve your highest spiritual, emotional, mental and physical being of potential, in order to become your greatest expression of Divine Love through consciousness.

She provides you with the tools and teachings you need in order to realize that you are your own greatest teacher, so that you may remember you are more than you think you are…you are a miracle. The Divine ‘Power that Breathes us’ is her passion and which, through grace, flows through her to meet you at your place of need, shifting you out of a limiting life of fear to a powerful life of love.


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