Private Sessions

Practitioner individual sessions (arranged personally) during free time.                                 Results may vary based on a variety of factors

Restore balance, healing and transformation with the assistance of skilled and heart-centered practitioners, through their process of transformation in both subtle and powerful ways when combined with the body, mind spirit and soul solution for the particular need.


Deeper Dive (GC, TL, DK):  Personal on-on-one coaching session (related to any topics touched on in workshop sessions).

Meridian balancing (DK): By accessing the emotions or body memories locked in your cells and by releasing the energy of those moments or situations. As you release traumas, fears, grief, anger, and “stuck” beliefs or feelings in your life, you are empowered to live the life you want to be living authentically. Utilizing powerful modalities based in spirit and science to assist you in healing, finding clarity and self empowerment to move yourself forward in ways you may have only imagined.

Holy Heart Healing (GC&DK or GC&TL): Holy Heart Healing happens at the highest purest level of consciousness beyond what we can reach on our own, where a Divine transformation of essence  can be manifested which then flows directly into the spirit and physical mind and life of the recipient. This is a very profound interaction of the highest level creating a rapid healing on many levels and dimensions.

Reiki (TL, DK): Utilizes the universal energy of love to enhance flow in a person’s personal energy system. This is a very gentle treatment that can be done anywhere at any time. Your body’s own highest wisdom dictates where the energy flows to. Comprised of two words Rei (universal life flow), Ki ( your body’s energy) and when offered by another the results can help you to facilitate healing on all levels, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Double-header of healing energy (TL):  Combination of Reiki and Mat session (simultaneous).

Past Life Regression (GC): Your subconscious mind holds the energetic memories of all your experiences since you became a soul, through the awareness of your individual essence. This is often thought of as your Akashic Records. Regression is the method used to access those memory banks to recapture the experiences and the associated energies within the events of your past lives. Many problematic relationship issues, destructive habits and addictions, irrational fears and phobias, physical ailments are rooted in past life experiences. Experiencing a Past Life Regression can heal physical and emotional problems quickly and deeply. Situations that could take years to solve through traditional counseling and therapy – can take only a few sessions, sometimes even in one session, for complete healing via Past Life Regression.

Capture your light in Costa Rica (TL):  Photo session – Tracy, a professional photographer, will have her camera equipment with her and is available to wander out on the beach or into the forest with you to capture you in your element.

Soul Mentoring & Coaching – Soul Healing (GC): The Search for Meaning – Most people believe their life holds a deeper meaning. Mentoring and coaching can often unleash sources of hidden strength and through various healing modalities you can begin uncovering the purpose for your life in very profound ways, receive clarity for next steps and moving forward.

Astral TravelSoul Journey (GC): An escorted Astral Soul Journey always has a profound spiritual impact on a client. Most people find they gain higher wisdom and understanding. Your ability to perceive becomes clearer and, subsequently life becomes a lot less stressful
Soul Journey has opened in recipients a desire in exploring a whole new dimension to understanding their own character in order to garner deeper and more meaningful spiritual insight. It opens an opportunity to view the soul aspects of your whole and provides a very profound healing on many levels and dimensions.

Registered Massage Therapy (DK): Manual manipulation of the soft tissues of the body to enhance health, using a variety of modalities including; cranial sacral, trigger point, and Swedish techniques.

Mediumship/Psychic Messages (GC):  Mediumship is the form of communicating with astral energies who desire to share messages with family members, or those who need or request assistance in transformation and transitioning from one dimension into another, helping in their growth. We seek spirit communication because we want to know the answer to our questions. In a session the practitioner goes to a place not separated by distance, but by dimension and connects with your loved one. The very fact that an individual awakens in Spirit, alive and well, can be a most amazing revelation in itself. Thus, spirit is anxious to relate to their earthly loved ones what they have come to see and how they have changed since their passing.  Spirit wishes to convey that they have made the journey and are OK.

Acupuncture (DK): Application of sterile single use needles in specific points along meridians to help relieve pain and/or enhance the movement of energy through the body.

Channelling Messages (GC): Through channeling we open up to new realms of awareness and perspectives. We are more connected with the universality of life. And we can use it to create whatever we desire.  A channelling session brings to you more love, energy, clarity, focus, inspiration, empowerment, joy, wisdom, increased abundance and much growth. Communicating with spirit guides, loved ones, ascended masters, etc., can provide a tremendous source of resolve, closure, and especially healing.  Spirit perceives things from a different perspective to that which is possible in physical form.

Cupping (DK): A technique in Chinese medicine and used by many cultures, a pump is used to remove air from the cups to create a suction on your skin. This can increase circulation locally as well as help stretch fascial tissue to promote relaxation. While it is a painless treatment, it can cause some local discomfort and skin bruising that may last a few days. Popular during the last Olympics many people saw the marks on swimmers like Micheal Phelps who utilized the technique for healing and helping in muscle recovery. Also effective for easing congestion in those suffering from colds.

Readings (GC, TL, DK): There are a variety of divination ways to provide information and answers from spirit: Tarot Cards, Oracle Cards, Message Board, and others. Receive answers, clarity and guidance to your questions.

Hands of Healing (DK):  All healing must start at the emotional cause of the ailment, or the problem will reoccur or manifest in another part of the physical body. Once established the patient is ready to accept the energy the practitioner will channel to them. The practitioner is always drawing this life energy into their own energy field, and it is this energy that supports the life of all he/she seeks to heal. The flow of life-energy connects everything that exists, and the practitioner is taking in this energy at every moment and conducts a greater measure of this energy into you for the purposes of performing healing work. This healing can be immediate, miraculous and rests on all levels, anchored in Soul love.

Tibetan Tuning (DK): Using sound vibration in a gentle technique of tuning your chakra system. Each Chakra resonates with a different key in the musical scale. By using tuning forks over the major chakra points until each point is completely resonant, your body becomes more calm. This results in a relaxed balanced feeling throughout.

Soul Retrieval (GC): Soul loss is a common cause of illness. It’s possible for the soul to become dis-integrated through number of common traumas, circumstances or situations that might take place during a person’s normal course of living.  When these occur, they may manifest in physical or emotional conditions that can not be healed by traditional medicine or psychological counseling.  Soul loss is the experience of an essential part of us leaving, and soul retrieval is the experience of having that essential part retrieved and returned to you.  Soul retrieval  focuses on locating, recovering and re-integrating lost parts of the soul. The results of a soul retrieval are powerful and are unique for everyone.

KARP (DK): The Keenan Allergy Removal Program aids you in releasing the symptoms of allergies. Working from a mind, body, spirit perspective, allergies and sensitivities to food, animals or your environment can be reduced or completely eliminated.

Spirit Step-in (GC&TL): The practitioner is an open-being/channel for the life-energy which is a manifestation of consciousness, to move and to go within all levels of your being, through your body. Through feeling and sensing the energy flow within you, the practitioner being aware of the energy as it moves through him/her and then into your body, it allows the energy to flow through the practitioner and into your heart chakra. From here it floods out to the needed areas. The practitioner will sense how much energy is flowing, and that the energy “builds up” as it is channelled within you. Your spirit will accept all the healing energy it needs as healing takes effect.

Dream Interpretation (GC): Every dream is a message from your higher-self to you, and is not intended to be interpreted in logical physical realm understanding. Every dream involves trying on a differing sense of self. The dreamer uses narrative and the decentering process to retain certain aspects which are at the forefront of memory. This becomes one, or more, pieces of information in order to understand the concept of the dream and be able to accurately interpret a message.  By connecting to the higher realms of consciousness the evolution of a dream is translated into understandable concepts and messages.