Core Gift

We Are All Gifted!

Moving beyond strengths to what really matters.

“Every human being is born with some sort of gift, an inclination or an instinct that can become a full-blown mastery. We may not see our gift for what it is. Having seen it we may choose not to accept the gift and its’ consequences for our lives. Or, having claimed our gift, we may not be willing to do the hard work necessary to nurture it. But none of these evasions can alter the fact that the gift is ours. Each of us is a master at something, and part of becoming fully alive is to discover and develop our birthright competence”.   Parker Palmer


Welcome to the We Are ALL Gifted series of three sessions, all designed to actively engage you in thinking about who you are, what matters to you, and how to bring the best of who you are into your today and your future. You don’t need to prepare and there will be no homework. You have everything you need to be successful. Below are brief descriptors of each session.

  • A Brief and Not Boring History of Gifts

What is a core gift? How are gifts different from skills and talents? Where do gifts come from? What has this gift idea got to do with me and how will it matter in my life? We’ll answer these questions, and any others you have, as we offer a brief overview of gifts and why/how they matter at every stage of our life.

  • Filling The Three Gift Buckets

We will use the ‘3 Gift Buckets’ tool to identify your primary gifts in the categories of talent, wisdom, and passage. If you don’t know what we mean by that, don’t worry. It will all make sense once we start. Knowing these gifts will help you to:

  1. make important decisions about your future, and
  2. understand why you get along and don’t get along with some people, and strengthen your self-image.
  • What’s Your Core Gift?

The centerpiece of our time together is the Core Gift session, which will result in each of you identifying your Core Gift. Using a questionnaire tool, you will pair up and interview each other to discover your gift.

Conclusion will involve integrating and owning your gift.


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