Jonathan Pitre


For Tina Boileau and her son, dear Jonathan Pitre, who is planning his second stem cell transplant in Minnesota, so that he can live a pain-free live. Jonathan, a Grade 11 student from Russell, suffers from an extremely painful, incurable, blistering skin disease, Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB), that complicates every part of his life. Many of those with EB die from an aggressive form of skin cancer in their 20s.

Dear friends, It is time for us to Step Up and Step Out of the shadows and bring our light to Jonathan who needs special prayers and heart centered energy healing right now and his mother Tina, as they go through the long road of decisions and healing for Jonathan to live pain free….it is for us to see them in the alternative and be ‘present’ for them, on their behalf, and fervently and with faith, pray that the power of God meet them at their point of need.
We are ONE and in that, we are presented with a Divine opportunity to unite and bring forth a powerful Divine Miracle which is so urgently needed, by seeing them in the alternative and be ‘present’ for them, on their behalf. This is how we make change happen. To be present in the alternative, and to intentionally send out our love and light and anchor it in the soul-seed of consciousness.

Bring down the healing necessary to meet them at their point of need in each second of each day…Make it Miraculous! Make the call 3 times a day (or whenever you are reminded) at 9am, 12pm, 3pm or 6pm. Let’s do it! Individually we are one – together through the grace and power of God, we are ONE! With thanks and deep gratitude!…/jonathan-pitre-says-hes-stronger…