A Call to Action

1167286-largeIt is time for us to Step Up and Step Out of the shadows and bring our prayers and light to our brothers and sisters in need.  This space is a ‘call to action’ to help direct our prayerful intention for those in need, as they are divinely brought into our awareness and to our attention.

We are ONE and in that, we are presented with a Divine opportunity to bring forth the miracle by seeing them in the alternative and be ‘present’ for them, on their behalf.

What does it mean to be ‘present in the alternative’? This is how we individually and collectively make change happen…to be ‘present in the alternative’ is to visualise those you are praying for in an altered state of perfection for their need, and then to intentionally pray and send out our love and light and anchor it in the soul-seed of consciousness. Bring down the healing necessary to meet each at his/her point of need…Make it Miraculous!

How? By making the prayerful call 3 times a day (or whenever you are reminded) at 12am, 3am, 6am, 9am, 12pm, 3pm, 6pm, or 9pm. Let’s do it! Individually we are one – together we are ONE!

This is ongoing…any place, any time. Not just today – be available as you are guided. Thank you for your heart of love and compassion to help.

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