Costa Rica Retreat 2017

November 20-27, 2017 – Villas Playa Samara, Costa Rica 

Ready to DIVE deep? Ready to say YES to you? Be guided and led deeper through this ‘body, mind, spirit and soul’ retreat and journey to the Sacred Heart Within and bring all aspects of your ‘be-ing’ into being!

You may have experienced some major life transitions, whether these happened through pain, passion or sheer persistence – it is now your time to attain a higher level of connection, balance, and purpose in your life – the fulfilment and expansion of all that you are, through healing of body, mind, spirit and soul.  Perhaps you have experienced physical, mental or emotional illness, or considering a life-altering career or some form of relationship change? Or, maybe you’re looking for a combined authentic vacation (away-from-it-all-to-be-you) experience? Whatever the case may be, many of us find ourselves craving time out of our daily reality to reconnect with our own inner voice.

This retreat is designed to provide you with a life-enhancing, soul-satisfying experience in the perfect backdrop of Costa Rica for a truly transformative experience, which will morph your current life existence into your purposeful incarnated goals by clearing the body, mind and spirit. The one-ness of all aspects of your being can return to Soul which is waiting for you and who you Really are – a powerful, magnificent, purposeful, world-changer!

Through this retreat you will be exposed to the process of personal growth which brings lasting change and help you to create powerful intentions that will set the tone for your entire life experience, setting the stage for your deeply transformative retreat experience.

Confusion and uncertainty drain our energy and keep us from moving forward in our lives. This retreat is designed to help you obtain clarity on your current life situation, provide tools to maintain this level of clarity when you return home and in your life moving forward, and through guided imagery, life coaching and other practices, you will be positioned to make aligned decisions and mapping out the next steps of your life incarnation and your spiritual journey.

In sacred and gentle ways, you will be gently guided and helped to get to the root of your problems, blocks, phobias, concerns, etc., and clear and heal past remorse and shame which keep you stuck or lethargic in evolving body, mind, spirit to Soul.  This allows total freedom and liberation to replace it with your true calling, your higher purpose in life, and become open and present to the core calling of your incarnation, recognizing and owning these in your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being.

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