I AM Abundance Teachings

Our universe is intelligent and functions and creates in Divine order. Creation is an expression of the Truth that all is mindfully and intentionally brought into being.  Thus it is that each one of us is created through the Love of Being.

As all that exists is energy, and energy cannot be destroyed or made new (it can only be transformed or changed), it is only through mindful intention that intelligent creation happens, as some higher force must effect a cause on the energy to create  transformation. Thus, all thought creates form on some level.  And so, we are each an expression of Divine Love, which is the Truth of who we Really are. Therefore, Love is the Truth as we are created.

Teaching and learning are in fact one and the same. As one learns, one remembers all knowledge already held within one’s sub-conscious awareness, and as one remembers thus becomes the teacher.

We learn so that we become more enlightened, or aware about a subject. In our life, we are guided to go deeper to learn more about who we really are, why we are here, what we can bring, and ‘what next’.   It is that in all things we attract to us the level of Abundance equal to the measure of what we believe we are (that which we hold, or contain). Yet, the knowledge that we are more than we think we are alludes us until we have learnt our identity. This is the purpose of I AM Abundance teachings and we welcome you to learn and remember.