The purpose of I AM Abundance seminars and teachings is to help you achieve your highest spiritual potential in order to become your greatest expression of Divine Love through consciousness, as is the purpose of your creation.

Each one of us is in incarnation to be in service to all of humanity, to fulfil our ascension while here and also to assist in the ascension of the collective consciousness of humanity on this planet. As the entire universe is a projection of consciousness, this is a Divine Purpose we have been working towards for many lifetimes and throughout aeons of time.

We each have a duty and a destiny on this planet and are charged with honouring, preserving and bringing forth the tools and sacred teachings of the ancient teachers and sages from the times of creation. This is done through learning so that we remember, and through initiation and sacred tradition, rituals and ceremonies. As we are enabled, we become the catalyst to open the veil and bridge the spiritual and the physical worlds by anchoring and flowing the Energy and Essence of Abundance through our consciousness, and that of our planet.

This site provides you with the tools and teachings you need in order to empower and realize that you are your own greatest teacher, so that you may remember who you truly are.   What you think you are is the smallest pin-point of the greatness and magnificence you were created to be. You are so much more than you think you are! And now, more than ever on our planet, it is the time to bring your best, and to take your place.

May you be blessed as you journey through this site.  Namaste!

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